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To register for our teleclass "What we learned while writing a book", simply enter your name and address. We'll send you the call-in details! Registration ends December 2 at midnight ET.

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From Proposal to Published Work: The Authors' Story

Stever Robbins (The Get-it-Done Guy's Nine Steps to Work Less and Do More forthcoming August 2010), Christine Louise Hohlbaum (The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World, November 2009) and Michael Neill (Supercoach, forthcoming 2010; Feel Happy Now!; and You Can Have What You Want) will give you the inside scoop on how they each landed a major New York publishing deal.

In this interactive teleclass, they'll discuss their stories and answer questions about what they learned about proposals, agents, book contracts, what it takes to actually write the book, and why book promotion is a marathon.



Join Stever, Christine and Michael on December 4 at 9 am PT/12 ET/6 pm GMT+1 for a breakfast/lunch and dinner conversation with the pros.

If you can't make it the call itself, register anyway. That way we can provide you with a link to the mp3 of the call so you can listen at your own convenience.

E-mail address:

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